October 2018

Watch The Video These women believe their time has come. They’ve had an awakening. They are no longer content to leave it to others, to leave it to men. Many pictured here on this non-profit political pamphlet are first-time candidates. Christine Fisher is aiming for a seat in the ohio house. She’s a working mom who believes that perspective is missing

“Running for Our Future.” It is a free event and is open to the public. It features photos and audio stories from 14 local women running for political office from Ohio and Kentucky. A Picture’s Worth is a new journalistic non-profit storytelling platform. “We’re filling in the gaps of history one picture at a time,” said Yancey, the startup's co-founder

“We care and therefore we pay attention and we act.” — SARA BITTER running for Ohio State Senate in the 7th District So we're looking at a picture of my older son, Austin, who was a little over five years old. I'm in my bedroom looking down on his brother who is just born, who's probably two weeks old and laying in my